Fareham Cavy Club 11th August 2018 

Penny Bell Pets (1 of 1)

More photos of the Show 

Self, Marked & Ticked, JPB, RVs & Clipped:  Barbara Glue.

Coated: Peter Wardman. 

Longhairs: Ian Reynolds.  

Pets: Penny Bell

BIS:                   57:     Agouti Bi Rex Ad.  Marave Stud

Reserve:          118:     Alpaca U5.  Oakes & Quirke

3rd:                     52:     Agouti Bi Rex Ad.  Rexcalibur Cavies

4th:                    109:     Alpaca 5/8.  Oakes & Quirke

5th:                    127:     Tort & White Ad.  Mandy Satchell

6th:                    112:     Sheltie U5.  Lynne Steele



First:                  17:     PE White.  Margaret Hooper

Reserve:            15:     DE Golden.  Gallagher & Nowell

3rd:                       4:     PE Golden.  Cindy Heidebluth



First:                  57:     Agouti Bi Rex Ad.  Marave Stud

Reserve:            52:     Agouti Bi Rex Ad.  Rexcalibur Cavies

3rd:                     35:     Agouti Rex Ad.  Rexcalibur cavies



First:                118:     Alpaca U5.  Oakes & Quirke

Reserve:          109:     Alpaca 5/8.  Oakes & Quirke

3rd:                   112:     Sheltie U5.  Lynne Steele


Marked & Ticked

First:                127:     Tort & White Ad.  Mandy Satchell

Reserve:          128:     Tort & White Ad.  Optimist Stud

3rd:                   124:     Choc Dalmation Ad.  Anne Teir


Guide Standard

First:                144:     Cream Chinchilla Ad.  Kingate Cavies

Reserve:          154:     Lunkarya U5.  Gallagher & Nowell

3rd:                   153:     Lemon Chinchilla U5.  Kingate Cavies



First:                156:     Lilac pointed Californian Ad.  Aurora Cavies

Reserve:          157:     Caramel 5/8.  The Harding Family



First:                158:     Caroline Creese

Reserve:          160:     Caroline Creese

3rd:                   159:     Mrs J White


Juv Pet

First:                163:     Smooth U5 sow.  Alisia Cook


Adult Pet

First:                182:     Smooth Ad boar.  Gallagher & Nowell

Reserve:          198:     Smooth Ad sow.  Marina Tomlins

3rd:                   186:     Rough Ad sow.  Gallagher & Nowell



Rex CC Pet Show 11/8/2018 –Ian Reynolds

BIS:                   57:     Agouti Bi Rex Ad.  Marave Stud

Reserve:            75:     Agouti 5/8 boar. Rexcaliber Cavies

3rd:                     71:     Agouti 5/8 boar.  Marave Stud


Best Sow:          50:     Agouti Bi Adult.  Belinda Allard

Nowell StudEmail: 
cavies@lnowell.co.uk Tel: 01747812165

Breeder and exhibitor of Cavies, also photographer

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